Dancing and singing have accompanied Estonian people since the beginnings of time. We have danced and sang together in groups and alone. Dancing and singing have been a part of all the bigger gatherings, whether it is Midsummer’s Eve or a wedding. It has united our ancestors and it keeps uniting us. One’s joy becomes the joy of all and the knowing that we are not alone makes us stronger and strive for more. For those moments all the worries dissolve. Dance and song are just like cures to everything and the cost nothing.

Street dancing has become a big part of Võru Folklore Festival. Everybody takes part in street dancing: local townsmen, professional dancers from Võru county and other parts of Estonia and even our foreign groups.

On the first year we tried to set a new Guinness World record. The longest dancing line to date has been 2138m. After that not the records, but the joy of dancing and being together have been the goals.

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